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The city secrets of #Krasnoyarsk #Siberia #Russia

This week the students of Krasnoyarsk Siberia got an extra Holiday week because of the Winter Universiade this is the great opportunity for them to see all sports events everywhere around the city of Krasnoyarsk but also great opportunity to practice their English with some of the foreigner visitors. Many of the students are helping as well as a volunteer and others hanging in the city looking for action, I meet Denis Irkov at the central park in the city center that is very proud of the clean water of the river Yenisei-one of Russia’s biggest. He recommends the kids to visit the Tivoli, tries winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and Biathlon both in FanPark but also around the city, he hopes that one day Krasnoyarsk will not have so many industrial factories in the city center because of the climate change and air.

Today we got great opportunity to discover some of the very cool touristic spots with fabulous views of the mountains and the good sight of the big clean river of Krasnoyarsk municipality in Siberia. We first start with a visit to a great Restaurant klukvarestodacha.com great place for a short meal, modern near the international Zoo of Krasnoyarsk that has all kind of animals from giraffes to lions, tigers also, a good place to visit with the kids.

Today weather is a clear sky and a fantastic day for the tour to an Observation point near Divnogorsk city that with a car you easily in one day are just 750km away to Mongolia, on the way we saw great old town style colored wood houses

Colored modern buildings city center, tropical Siberia

We also pass by old town in the colored city center of Krasnoyarsk outstanding Architecture and there still wood colored buildings almost over 200 years of age. Today is a good day for Sweden in the 29th Winter Universiade as Sweden VS Norway Women Bandy 12-01 congratulations to my ABBA country :)

Today was definitely best weather during event 29th Winter Universiade that according to experts is worlds best student sport Winter games competition in all world.

After the visit to the famous touristic road in municipality of Krasnoyarsk with plenty touristic View spots by the rivers where you can see marvelous nature we ahead to visit the Univervillage where I met Elizabeth Kuznetsova - that is a snowboarder herself and a volunteer managing the small tasks of the residence of the Universiade village, helping visitors with different things as translations, navigation also, the best with this mission is to meet so many athletes in the same time and I even met the famous champion of Snowboard Cross and practice our English says happily and smiling Elizabeth Kuznetsova volunteer of the Universiade village. In the next building in the village I met the head of the delegation of Kyrgyzstan Ermekov Kubanych that in their free time was playing chess by the reception in their residence. In the next room in the same residence, we met the big team of short track of Japan that teach me how to use AirDrop in iPhone I was total impress how fast they were with that impressive!

. The volunteers of Manage the residence of atletes in Universiade.

The nice Restaurang in the city centre

Fireman in action! In the Universiade village

Elizabeth Kuznetsova

Tomorrow we going meet some more stars and champions of the world winter sports right here in Krasnoyarsk Siberia, I look forward again to be working with my amazing team of Scandinavia Michelle Sauer from Denmark representing vufe.org association and Mr. Kim Lindin from Sollefteå and Kalix Sweden that also coming from our association VUFE.ORG

If you have the chance see us and meet us, talk to us here, we are all ready to answer you any questions about Scandinavia Sweden, Denmark or even about the European youth programme Erasmus plus that offer you students possibilities to study abroad for free, talk with us about European voluntary service EVS that also is total financed by the European Union, European Voluntary Service enables young people aged 18 to 30 years to live up to 12 months in another country working in a non-profit organisation Information and advice on how to start volunteering. Plus search for opportunities and organisations which are actively looking for volunteers. We represent also Eurodesk and can give you pieces of advice about working and live in Europe, well talk to us, welcome.

Written by Antonio ( Tony ) Vieira, President of VUFE We Youth For Europe Association, Malmö Sweden

Email: tony@vufe.org

Site: www.vufe.org

WhatsApp: +46703461892

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