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Welcome to new modern Siberia and great volunteering work of students.

Welcome to new modern Siberia and great volunteering work of students.

Today we both visit Sports and Recreation Park Fanpark and Stadium “Yenisei”, we begin our day with first of all Fanpark that started with great welcome of SPA company called “Siberian Wellness” that offers us a great tea in their tent in the park, we were very warm welcome with a great smile of friendship and informative about their products company, Siberian Health sounds like a good option special for us from Scandinavia

:). When we check in the volunteer's village we got a gift bag with their products and that is a good example of the warm welcome, health is important to even us all even volunteers, I thanks once again to special thanks to Ekaterina Vorobeva and Svetlana Schonhofen from Siberian Wellness, we will see you again soon.
Onces we entered the site in the famous FanPark we got good orientation by the navigation volunteers that had big happy finger go here and go there, good if you are lost and don’t know where are the activities, just ask them.
Short interview with volunteers, navigations volunteers:
The best to work as a volunteer is just that in a few days I met so many people from more than 10 countries and another thing is that we smile to people and is nice that everyone always smiles back great feeling.
says Irina Khoroshks, Anzhelika Kuznetsova, Natasha Kwznetsova, Izrailova Sofia and Alexey Kolyadnyy that all by getting information from friends and schools and of course by Media got to know about the possibility to be a volunteer in the 29th Winter Universiade, getting involved.
All commentators had good Russian skills and English and that Feld great feeling like a foreigner.
Today we saw some great competitions of women Alpine skiing in the Sports and Recreation Park Fanpark and that give us possibilities to see this amazing fabulous ski resort as well near the city center of Krasnoyarsk, lots good tracks to practice skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports in the snow. We also experience the good restaurants and coffee shops there with good service and taste delicious food good option if you do not like skiing, good day picknick in Krasnoyarsk Siberia. Something I really love with this event is the rules of alcohol and drugs that are totally forbidden in the volunteers headquarters and there is a good control of it with metal detectors both in all venues and both all sites but also in the volunteers village, this is something that I really appreciate from the organizers, very successful really, good job! Usually, youngsters like to by social in matters like to try this and that, here it feels save and health to work as a volunteer and enjoy as it is if you compare to other parts of the world. Especially when we are dealing with students is a good example of all involved. 
Another highlight of Siberia and this event is that everyone is so friendly and hospitality, feels home to me. 
During these 2 days I felt that I missed some information about other activities for special for the volunteers after an all day at work it can be good to relax a little and meet some new friends, but actually, I saw this morning in the reception desk that tonight Let’s sing together karaoke time! Good integration method and fun as well.
As I come from Sweden is very important that environmental issues are taking into consideration in all events and not only that so I would suggest to next time to you sort trash in an effective environmental way, plastic here, organic materials there, paper here and metal there for example a-so….
One thing that I think everyone speaks about in this event is the top security matters everywhere I feel so safe here and secure than ever before in another country that I visit before, I really want to thanks FISU for this matter as the world is not the world we were before, safety matters and security to everyone is a top priority and that feels welcome to me and all I met here.
The best always for the last top buildings and habitations of the very new modern new Siberia that is growing like flowers in the city of Krasnoyarsk that had such good impressions to me, great venues for all kind of winter sports and holidays for everyone, the new modern big buildings with very high standard shows that the new Siberia in Russia is absolutely a top site very fresh to visit in the future, I am 100% I will be back here again with my organization and probably with my family.
The Navigation volunteers made good impressions to me and all people on the site of the FanPark and also in Stadium “Yenisei" where we saw Bandy that this year make Debut in the Winter Universiade.
We also manage to visit the Stadium “Yenisei" where we had chance to see Men Bandy between Sweden VS Kazakstan that the fast Scandinavians won 13 -1, the biggest impression I had from the match was the people special some kids that I met and their relatives they all wanted just a to have an autograph and to take a picture, it feels important to me and to them, I am happy that some kids made my day better in Siberia and Russia. The Stadium was new and well equipped with what an Arena needs especially good seats with a good view, several places to eat and drink and some places to buy some gifts as well. I also notice that the organizers have involved some schools and some students to attend to the events with some flags to support the international teams, good idea to indirectly support the students that are competing abroad.

Written by Antonio ( Tony ) Vieira, President of VUFE We Youth For Europe Association, Malmö Sweden
Email: tony(a)vufe.org
Site: www.vufe.org
WhatsApp: +46703461892

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